Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Big Bad World of Concept Art

Please allow me to introduce you to my labor of love: "The Big Bad World Of Concept Art For Video Games: An Insiders Guide for Students". I've spent two years writing this book for students and aspiring artists. You can say its my "baby".

In the book, I cover in great detail what the job of a concept artist really entails, how to choose the right education, what you should be studying and practicing in school, how to properly build your portfolio, and much much more. I even use my actual student work, industry experiences and true-to-life stories as teaching tools so that readers can see what a professional was doing at their age.

I also have several guest contributors who offer their own words of wisdom. Ben Mauro, David levy, Farzad Varahramyan, Sparth, and Stephan Martiniere all chime in on the DOs and DONTs of job hunting and the industry

For those interested, you can pre-order it on Amazon HERE!        Thanks for your support!

I am also proud to introduce the launch of The Big bad World of Concept Art website. It is meant to support the book by providing further details and will feature a comprehensive, list of recommended resources for artists. (These resources are free and available to everyone, even if you don't buy the book). I will also be creating a blog dedicated to answering any and all questions submitted by readers.

If you have any questions about the concept art industry, please send them to eliott@eliottlillyart.com and I will do my best to answer them on the blog.   I hope to see you over there.


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