Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gun designs

These guns were designed for one of the personal projects I am working on.   

Gun concept and design by Eliott Lilly (EliottLillyart.com)
Gun modeled by Noe Serrano (Noeserranoart.blogspot.com/)
Keyshot material pass, final scene render and Post production by Eliott Lilly.

The Chinega Industries’ PDW is an experimental personal defense weapon that fires the enhanced 6 X 35mm “Raptor” cartridge optimized for short barrel weapons. The weapon system features sustained controllability and handling due to improved ergonomics, and benefits from a reduction in size and weight, all while achieving an increase in lethality over legacy 9mm guns. Featuring ambidextrous controls, simple internal mechanisms, and the use of high strength materials to maximize reliability, the 6x35mm PDW is the modern ideal of a compact weapon built for arming vehicle crews, and for use in close-quarter, peace keeping missions and anti terrorist situations.

The XM18 is an electric semi automatic, air-bursting munitions rifle that fires a 18mm warhead. It features an on-board artificial intelligence so advanced, it can determine the necessary amount of force needed to effectively neutralize each target on a case -by-case basis. This system design means that one warhead can be programmed to fill the role of several, ensuring that operators have the right weapon available to meet any changing mission requirements that they may face.