Monday, July 9, 2012

is it a bird?.. a plane?.. no, its....

Unmanned aerial drone.

There is no person in the image for scale, but this thing is huge; thing Global Hawk in size. I'm debating whether this should have first strike capabilities or not. Chin turret isn't working for me yet, will see how this progresses.


  1. that's looking pretty amazing! really awesome design, eliot!

  2. Thanks Robin.

    When I started this image I envisioned the drone flying not like a normal plane, but more like how a Chinese dragon soars thru the air. (You'll have to use your imagination a bit on that) I outfitted the back tail with light weight ribbing so it could flex and bend as necessary, and I picture the wings with similar technology so they can do the same. (yes, it actually flaps its wings. Why?... because it can!) If I can find the time, I will do alternate views of this plane to illustrate its functionality.

  3. Eliott, this rocks! Every piece you complete you become awesome-er.

  4. very nice...bit late to the party but might I humbly suggest a revolver cannon for the chin turret. Much more reliable and recoil efficient than gatling types, or so I have read. Really sweet ornithopter design overall but the turret overbalances it just a little.