Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A bite of Appleseed fan art

Redesigning someone else's characters, isn't something that I do too often, but while reading Masamune Shirows's Appleseed books I decided to give it a try.  In the fiction, Deunan's GUGES Landmate is built with close quarters combat in mind and while I love how solid and massive that suit looks, to me it seemed bulky and cumbersome when going through doors, turning in confined spaces, etc.  

 Here's the original design

I wanted to see if I could redesign the suit with more of a "westerner's approach" with slimmed down proportions and an updated look.  Looking at it now, I think my design is a bit more practical for its intended CQC abilitities, however by removing some of those large simple shapes, I've lost a bit of that iconic magic.  sigh. Oh well this was a fun experiment non the less...


  1. That's awesome! I love the detailing you put into the surfaces like on his hand and the soft material on the forearm. This is a really cool rendering

  2. I'd love to see your take on the Guges-D. I think it's forms would benefit from your approach.

  3. Awesome, Elliot! Love the redesign.

  4. Nice work though man, even with the glowing eyes.

  5. Thanks guys, glad its met with a positive reception. (phew. I thought it kinda failed).

    Asa- I just may tackle the Guges-D at some future time; It will be a serious challenge.

    Aaron- I could argue that the glowing eyes are franchise specific (see Appleseed, 2004 dvd) It's what they do. Sorry. :P

  6. Shirow didn't draw glowing eyes... And that's what counts. Sorry.
    Ha ha, all good bro, glowing eyes are one of my pet dislikes. You wouldn't have ears that squawked all the time, or a nose that farted constantly! lol

    Love to see your take on one of the badass enemy mechas that feature in the manga.

  7. Wow! Great work!