Monday, January 31, 2011

some college work.

I recently gave a lecture/ demonstration of my work process and techniques to a mixed audience of students and professionals at Collin Community College here in Dallas,Texas. I also spoke about the importance of developing good work ethics, being critical of your own work, and how to tailor ones portfolio to get a job in the industry. The event went really well, and I think everyone left with useful information.

Anyway, during the presentation I used some of my old work from college as teaching examples and pointed out the things which I did right as well as those that were not so right. I figured it would be a good idea to post those images here on my blog for anyone who may be a student/ up and coming professional in hopes that they can relate to it. I believe the images will serve as a good reference point for self evaluation, as well as a reminder that talent evolves over a long period of time, and not overnight.

Anyaway, I hope some of you find this intersting.  For the rest of you......
H.ARM suit Mk.4 Work In Progress.



  1. Not bad, but Mk III legs look better, to my opinion. And I advise you to add ROPS. If this guy falls from some high place the suit can smash his head or neck.

  2. Elliot,
    Been following your work for some time, and i must say i enjoy the creativity i see in it. I hope my mechs reach a level of functionality as yours one day. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  3. Roman-
    I agree with your excellent point about the ROPS. Unfortunately feeling confident in the suits advanced capabilities and the unlikely hood of a roll over, the engineers of the H.arm Suit, didn't feel the need to incorporate a ROP system into the MK4. However, after gathering extensive operator feedback coupled with one embarrassing incident that received international scandal, the designers were finally pressured into implementing, in addition to a few other enhancements, a ROPS in the MK5. Such is the evolution of the suit I suppose.

    Powell/ CrimeLord
    -Glad u guys like the work. Feel free to send/ link me to any mech sketches u may have, if i can offer any advice, I will.


  4. Any time(c),Eliott! ;)
    Looking forward to see final version of MK4 and MK5. Great work man, great work


  5. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Btw, I love the arm mechanism on the H.arm suit.

  6. We are waiting for the final version of MK4 :)


  7. Hi Elliott, I have been a long time admirer of your art work of conception H.A.R.M suits, and I must say I love the concept, being a veteran your about the only concept artists tat I have found that seems to be able to capture a some what real take on what a exoskeleton combat suit could be. I am a big fan so much that I would like to ask if you wouldn't mind if I built a suit based on your designs for a comicon. I figured that it would be a project that take a few years at the most. But since ( And I am hoping here) that the suit I would build would be such a close proximity to your design I would feel bad about putting it together ad not asking your permission to do so.