Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The load screens of RAGE

I am very proud of the effort and work that went into the load screens of RAGE.  They are a great way to showcase the amazing art that were done for the game.  Most of the concepts were generated before I got to the company by Ben Olson, Kenneth Scott, Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth), and Stephan Martiniere.  While I DID throw my own concepts into the mix, most of the work featured in the load screens is theirs.  I did my best to make their work look awesome in these screens ( honestly tho.. it wasn't very hard and didn't take much effort.  These guys rock).

Basically, I took their concepts, and arranged as many of them as possible in one screen, added a little flare and viola.  See image below for an example.

If you want to see more of their work, you can check out the artists individual websites:

Ben Olson:
Kenneth Scott:
Stephan Martiniere:

and so, with out further adieu and in no particular order:


  1. Amazing job! I found myself actually looking forward to loading screens while playing, just so I could see more art.