Sunday, May 22, 2011

some mech sketching

Linh Mai, Writer and Director for The Last Cause, approached me and asked if I could join his team as a mech and weapons designer. But because I currently have a full time job, to do so would be impossible.  However, I have joined the team as a consultant of sorts and to show my support for the film, am lending him a few of my old designs that I had lying around.  I am not sure in what capacity these will end up in the short film he is producing, but I am excited to see his project come about.    


  1. very neat! you can render very well :)

    the first and last one reminds me somewhat of MGS4's Gecko's. Really cool haha,


  2. I really love this kind of stuff, I designed something similar for our fan film on MGS named: MGS-Philanthropy.

    The first one is my favourite...