Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its been a while... but worth the wait ( I hope).

The Mark 2

Right Arm Loadout:

Heavy 32 mm Anti material autocannon outfitted with drum soft ammo pouch (150 HE/AP rds).  Mechanical Support arm also serves as shock mitigation system to reduce felt recoil on sustained fire engagements.  
Mounted electronic optic includes  FLIR system, threat identification and automated targeting assist.

Left Arm Loadout:

Automated speed loader carries and loads spare ammo as needed.  Currently holds 2 spare drums.  In an event of ammo cook off, drums can be ejected.

Also worth noting:
Both arms feature a quick release pull tab in case pilot needs to ditch the arm (for whatever reason)
Also new to the H.ARM Series: ROPS (Thanks Roman)

1 comment:

  1. Looks very lightweighted in comparison with previous versions. Intersting version of ROPS, nice shape and placement, will not interfere the field of view. As of weapons, I would use combination of 20 mm autocanon with grenade launcher and 7.62 mm machine gun, that should be perfect. Your first design missed only grenade launcher. Or he is sniper?