Sunday, December 5, 2010

H.ARM SUIT complete.

A quick write up for shitz and giggles.

The H.ARM suit is a robotic load-bearing exoskeleton designed to be a force multiplier on the battlefield. It extends the arsenal of any grunt war fighter by allowing its wearer the ability to operate and deliver heavy munitions into any theater of operation. Because of its relatively small size it is not only lighter, "quieter", and more energy efficient than most mechas, but it offers major advantages to war fighters in confined urban areas.

Because it is mission adaptable, the H.ARM suit can be outfitted with various weapons and attachments. Its current loadout is:

primary: Modified Bushmaster Mk44 25mm dual fed auto cannon with air burst technology.
secondary: none
support: Thermal imaging camera/ IR flare x2/ CHAFF grenade x2

primary: Vulcan .50 cal BMG mini gun. w/ 2500 round drum magazine
secondary: Laser guided STT missile X7 with Tri mode guidance
support: smoke grenade x3 flare x1 (not pictured)

Will be posting more mech goodness soon. Stay tuned....


  1. Your "making of signature gun" and WIPs are most helpful, thanks for taking the time to do that.

  2. Fantastic work man, love this design!

  3. great work here Eliott!

  4. Exection is excelent, but technicaly wise there are some questions. Mainly about the protection of the pilot... You have to make MK IV ;)

  5. Thanks guys for the comments.

    Heix - glad my ramblings were of some use to u.

    Rymlyanin- you are absolutely right. Originally, I gave the pilot some beefy shoulder pads and even considered encasing the joystick type controls in a protective sleeve, but this created a few problems. The additional protection covered so much of the body, it removed the "human element" and made it hard to read the image. (It felt too much like a robot, and not like a vehicle that a person gets into). So I had to compromise a bit for this image. Do not fret tho, top minds at the Defense Armament Corp. (Makers of the H.ARM suit) are solving the issues of Mk3. as we speak.

  6. Thank you for hearing me! It would be great to see study prototypes of MK3:) I would say, not always necessary to hide the head of the pilot, just add ROPS/FOPS profiles, head is small and no easy to get while machine is moving. I don't see any googles HMDS, it would be helpful. I think, it's very feasible that such spec of the exoskeleton can exist, because it's cheap in comparison with fully closed versions, no expensive life support system, but still very lethal.

  7. Ben lookingg threw some of your work, as well as your collaboration with flyingdebris, gota love Fear the Fidder, and nice work.

  8. You should try to make robots arma II is its enormous