Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have luggage... will travel.

This is an idea I've been playing with-  a biped "mule" of sorts.  Meant to carry extra ammo, supplies and goods into the field for troops.  Currently holds anti material rifle/ extensive med kit/ rations/ gear etc.  When drone is turned off, it runs in autonomous "standby" mode. following its team wherever they go .  When activated however, its Ai turns on and can fill any role of the team.  ( Breacher, scouter, rifle man, medic, etc) and therefore able to use the goods he carries as needed.
The downside however, is that to reduce cost per mule, the Ai has intentionally been kept very limited and it does not posses complex functions to act on its own.  At best it would be able to follow a set of pre programmed vocal commands, identify targets and speak back a few bits of intel using a limited vocabulary.  Also, activating its cognitive functions takes it out of its "standby" mode and rapidly decreases its run time.  


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