Monday, November 14, 2011

Apologies... and a gift

Errr.... remember how I promised more RAGE WORK to come... well I haven't been able to get the approval from Id.  soooo that is looking to be on hold until after the holidays.  Sorry.  But, it will be worth the wait: promise!

Having nothing else to share with you this week, I offer this exchange instead:

A friend of mine always gives me shit about drawing mechs with gunz.   ( Apparently it's the "easy way out" and "anyone can put a gun ona mech and make it look cool").  So, on my lunch break one day I doodled this in response.  TAKE THAT, sucka!!!  you aint nevah seen a mech on vacation before, 'fool.  mwhahahahaha.


  1. looks like a brother of dazhdbog from gits

  2. How come you never showed me this one? I like his swim trunks. Green looks good on him.