Thursday, August 27, 2009

the adventures of gun development

I started doodling a few guns on my ride to work. They are done very quickly and are quite crude, but gave just enough info to get the thought across. Looked kinda like this:

After giving them some Photoshop loving, they begin to take shape, and a few potential candidates stand out.

once I've found a form that works for me, I begin to add the details.

It doesn't feel as hefty as the rough sketch, nor am I happy with it, so I alter a few proportions resulting in a completely different gun...but its damn cool anyway:

ok. ok. ok. Now that that's outta my system I go back to my original idea... (still a work in progress, but u can see where it is heading. The form is truer to the original sketch. This makes me happy.

More images to come as the iteration progresses on this gun. Will keep u posted.

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