Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Redesigning the Gun 01

ok. here we go.

I've had this gun study lying around for a while now and it never felt quite right. While it has the makings of a "signature" weapon it falls a bit short. The ergonomic curvy elements are a good start but they are not integrated with the rest of the gun which is fairly generic in design. To make things worse, there is an invisible line that splits the gun in two parts. (another sign of poor design... i don't know what i was thinking). The front end is too large and there is not enough room in the back of the gun for the mechanical parts to cycle. Any gun enthusiast would spot this and rip me a new one because the weapon is unbelievable and therefore fails. sigh.

So I set out to improve the standing of this weapon. I wanted to bring some of the curvy elements into the non rubber parts, fix the known issues and try to find a more unique shape and look. At the very least my goal was to make it a bit More dramatic with a stronger design language. (Yes.. I could quickly and easily have just shifted the proportions in photoshop and that would have been it... but then where is the fun in that?)

After I've blocked in my shapes and figured out the angles, all that's left is to add the details.

I'm not sure how "signature this weapon is... but its 100X BETTER than what it started out as. It has a strong design language, tackles all of the challenges and most importantly still holds the same feel as the original concept. WHOOT!

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  1. It was very interesting learning how you went from 1st idea to finished product. I always knew that you were gifted. Now I have a better understanding of what is involved in that gift. - ej